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Private Sessions

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If you are nervous about attending a yoga class for the first time, in a private lesson you can get acquainted with the teacher, her manner, in a secure environment where you are free to ask questions and start to become familiar with this practice.In a private lesson the teacher’s undivided attention is focussed on you and how yoga can support and enhance your wellbeing.

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What THEY say

Jo Peden, yogi and yoga instructor, is one of those rare people in life: expert in her field, warm, kind and always the professional.
Through gentle but firm instruction, Jo demonstrates the benefits of blending balanced poses, yogic breathing and mediation.
Yoga keeps me fit, supple and healthy. Currently we are conducting our sessions through zoom in a way that is surprisingly seamless.


I have been doing private weekly yoga sessions with Jo for nearly seven years and our time together is one of the highlights of my week. Whatever level you are at Jo will teach to that. But at the same time she will always inspire you to do just a little more and achieve that pose just a little more exactly. At the end of our hour together my heart, mind and body feel at one. Thanks so much Jo.


I really enjoy my one on one yoga sessions with Jo. She is a great teacher and always puts a lot of thought into tailoring the session to my particular needs. I appreciate her calm presence and clear instructions. Jo also gives helpful notes and tips on what I can do at home. I always leave feeling both relaxed and energised.